Animal talking point in Trier

FourSide | 17.07.2017

Yes - everyone knows: Trier is known for the Porta Nigra and for Karl Marx. But one thing is certain - hardly anyone is aware that Trier is the "capital of zebra crossings". There are more than 200 zebra crossings for 12,000 inhabitants. For comparison: Berlin with its 3.6 million inhabitants and 500 zebra crossings does not have significantly more. And Munich, with its 1.5 million inhabitants, is only home to 350 of these striped animals.
But danger is lurking, and Trier citizens should be worried about their title. A zebra crossing must not just lie around pointlessly on the road, but must meet strict conditions. This is regulated in meticulous detail in Traffic Directive R-FGÜ 2001 with a total of three main points, seven sub-points, four pictures and a table. Here it also explains in detail whether a zebra crossing is lawful or not. Don't laugh - the result is staggering! Of the 239 zebra crossings in Trier, only 26 are legally acceptable. All other pedestrian crossings require TÜV certification. Whether they need to be renewed or completely removed, is decided by the regulatory agency. The city must spend over 900,000 euros for the rehabilitation of the stripes. Now you know.

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