39th DEHOGA Youth Championship Braunschweig - Two first place finishers from the FourSide Hotel

FourSide Hotels | 10.11.2017

Braunschweig - 09.11.2017 - Every year, the best apprentices from all federal states in the professions chef, restaurant specialist and hotel specialist meet the challenge and compete at the German Youth Championships of the hospitality professions. We are proud that also three trainees from the FourSide Hotel Braunschweig were allowed to participate in the Brunswick preselection: Laura Wozniak lamp as a cook, Linda Betker as a hotel expert and Aida Flaifel as a restaurant expert. We are happy about two excellent 1st places and a good 3rd place.

On 07. and 08.03.2018 we cheer with Laura Wozniak-Lampe and Linda Betker at the Lower Saxony Youth Championships in Oldenburg.
Here you can find the link to the newspaper article in the Braunschweiger Zeitung.


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