FourSide Hotels meets ArtNight

FourSide Hotels | 22.12.2017

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with ArtNight - known from the Vox show "Die Höhle der Löwen".

ArtNight is an event format that brings together fun, art and people. ArtNight organizes creative workshops in currently 26 German cities as well as in Vienna, Austria. Under the guidance of local artists, guests in a group of 25 people are abducted into an evening of social gathering, creativity and exchange, laughter. The motto is: easel instead of screen.
The offer ranges from evenings that are themed by famous artists to motif-based art nights such as "a day on the beach" or "sunset by the sea." Of course, there are also popular influences such as abstract art, neon painting and still life in the ArtNight portfolio. The artists are completely free in the choice and arrangement of the themes.

Venue: Rudas Restaurant & Bar at FourSide Hotel Braunschweig

Registration is directly via the ArtNight website.

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